New Work

I am a contemporary expressionist painter, best known for my abstract horse  paintings in acrylic, and animals and pet portraits in pastel. I work in 2 media, and my styles are equally diverse.  

In 2013, I was commissioned to do two mural-size canvases with an equestrian theme in muted earth tones. The commissions were a great success and was the stimulus to continue using a muted color palette. 

​At one point I removed all color, only to work in black and white, still able to bring life and energy to my paintings. The Black and White series resulted from my experimentation. 

I continue to experiment with muted colors in my acrylic equine drip paintings, sometimes adding or substituting a color as I am inspired to do so.  My passion continues for working in pastel as well, and my latest works have become more simplified and abstracted, though I still create pet portraits for clients. 

Please enjoy my latest work below! 

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